Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who's causing division?

We've all heard it. "Those Ruckmanites, they just cause division among the brethren!!" It's a common accusation in churches across America, but is it true??

Maybe it happens in some cases, but not in what I've seen in a situation over the past few months to someone I know (and believe me, this is a very common thing to happen in churches when people become aware that a "Ruckmanite" is in the congregation).

So here you are... in a nice, friendly Fundamentalist church. When you come in as a new visitor, the people are all so friendly, the music is beautiful, and the preaching seems pretty dead-on (he's even preaching from a KJV! wow!). As you get to know people there, you get involved in fellowship activities and soulwinning and everything. Of course, since you happen to love Dr. Ruckman's preaching... you mention Dr. Ruckman's name to a few people (just to see how they react). Strangely, their faces turn grim and they start to avoid you. People who said that they just LOVED to talk to you are now shunning you. Pretty soon, the whole church is like one big clique and you're not a part of it. This "friendly" church is now cutting you out of the congregation just because you like the preaching of someone they don't like!

Now who's causing the division here? Is it the "Ruckmanite" or the members of the Fundamentalist church? I think the answer is quite clear.