Saturday, February 14, 2009

"It is good for a man not to touch a woman..."

1Cor. 7:8 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I.

If pre-marital physical contact is sin, then so is getting married at all.

Don't like it? Argue with God, I couldn't care less what you think.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Evolution? Are you nuts!?!

Besides the obvious fact that institutions of "higher learning" are breeding grounds for Evolutionist infidels, an article from FOX regarding a recent Gallup poll shows that less than 40% of Americans believe in evolution, and less than 25% of high school-educated people believe in the ridiculous nonsense.

Well, with no evidence for the "theory," no "transitional fossils" (which were a problem for Darwin and still give Evolutionists epileptic fits) and belief only in places full of educated idiots, proponents of this nonsensical pipe dream need to crawl back into their scummy little holes and suck an egg.,2933,491345,00.html

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Can We Have Some Balance Here, Please?

Lately there has been a lot of talk in blog land about marriage, and “Titus 2” women. This can be extremely beneficial, or extremely detrimental. All I am reading on the blogs of both men and women is all about the women. A friend of mine once said that all cults are always concerned with women and what they need to do and be.

All women need to strive to be “Titus 2” women. But, wait a minute. Do you know that Titus 2 ALSO mentions the roles of MEN? That’s right, although it seems to me as if we’d hardly know that since we are so unbalanced that in conservative Christianity we tend to focus much more on the women. Even the men sit around writing to women telling us how to be “Titus 2” women. If they spent that much time worrying themselves about how to be “Titus 2” men, maybe there would be more balance.

I have seen feminism blamed for a lot of things. I have seen blogs from men who hate women with a passion. Both man hating and woman hating is WRONG. We CANNOT fix the problems feminism has caused by the men turning around deciding not to marry women because they think that there are no virtuous women.

Women are NOT helping other women by telling them that any problem in their marriage is due to them as women not being submissive enough. Last time I checked, marriage took two people and God has given different roles and responsibilities to BOTH those people and a lot of the problems I see are because BOTH man and woman are doing something wrong.