Thursday, February 12, 2009

Evolution? Are you nuts!?!

Besides the obvious fact that institutions of "higher learning" are breeding grounds for Evolutionist infidels, an article from FOX regarding a recent Gallup poll shows that less than 40% of Americans believe in evolution, and less than 25% of high school-educated people believe in the ridiculous nonsense.

Well, with no evidence for the "theory," no "transitional fossils" (which were a problem for Darwin and still give Evolutionists epileptic fits) and belief only in places full of educated idiots, proponents of this nonsensical pipe dream need to crawl back into their scummy little holes and suck an egg.,2933,491345,00.html


Mrs W said...

Wow I thought a lot more people than that believed it. Love the comments you made about it!

Hugh said...

That's because people are uneducated about science. In the same poll when asked what theory Charles Darwin was famous for, only 55% correctly guessed evolution/natural selection.

And you're intentionally leaving out a few numbers. 39% said they believe in evolution. Only 25% said they don't. They rest were undecided.

And as for the high school part, as education goes up, the belief in evolution goes up dramatically.

LeTipex said...

Funny, you didn't say that, but it's in the link nonetheless :

"Just 21 percent of respondents who had up to a high school level of education believe in evolution, compared with 74 percent of those with postgraduate degrees."

Don't you want to show that most of the educated have a firm belief in evolution? Or did you just forget to mention it? ^^

Vince LaRue said...

That statistic speaks for itself: "highly" educated people emerge from government-run institutions of "higher learning," all spouting the same party line nonsense. Instead of "proving" that smart people believe in evolution, it simply recreates Orwell's "1984."

Diversification of ideas and beliefs is a hallmark of an honest, objective education. I guarantee the percentages of those who believed in evolution were even higher in Hitler's Germany, not to mention Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, or Uncle Ho's Viatnam.

Consensus generally points to indoctrination, not higher learning.

LeTipex said...

Humm... So, basically, you're saying that people with postgraduate degrees are:

-more versed in medical science and able to be doctors : Education

-more versed in the arts and in languages and able to roam the world and communicate with a lot of people : Education

-more versed in technology and science, and able to create spaceship, computer, etc : Education

-more versed in evolution : Indoctrination! Mind rape! Abomination!

Don't you think that those people are pretty smart? That they would react if someone spoon-fed them such a HUGE LIE?

"I guarantee the percentages of those who believed in evolution were even higher in Hitler's Germany, not to mention Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, or Uncle Ho's Viatnam."

That's an interresting idea. Do you have any statistic to back these up? Because right now I think, the country were people believe the most in evolution in the world are Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Japan, the UK, Norway. Those are all, of course, dictatorial regimes where war is omnipresent, crime is always high, and people believe as animals controled by the government... Oh, wait... Those are some of the most civilised countries on the planet! Well, that is something strange.

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