Monday, December 1, 2008

*runs out of ideas*

I just got home from work. Not too bad, overall; I'm very thankful to have a job right now, to say the least. It's just amazing, though, how keeping the Lord in mind and praying throughout the night (I'm on third shift) can make things go so smoothly. I work with a varied and somewhat odd group of people, each with their likes, oddities, preferred individuals and those they dislike. It gets a little complicated sometimes, but I just have to keep in mind that I'm there to serve God, and in turn my boss and the company, not the other people that I work with.

Sometimes it's easy to get into a rut (remember, a rut is simply a shallow grave with both ends kicked out ;) ) in work and get complacent with our abilities and our standard of work; it's those times that we need to remember that we should be doing our labor as unto the Lord that DIED for us and shed His precious BLOOD for us. We can do so little to repay Him, but our daily lives and walk with Him is the one thing that we have to repay Him with. We need to remember that not only is the Lord watching us when we work and go about our daily lives, but there are people out there that know that we are Christians, and are watching everything that we do. As the saying goes, we might be the only Bible those people ever read; will they see Jesus in us, or just us?


Kathie said...

Good post, honey. =)

Forrest said...

Hello Vince. I'm Forrest from the AV1611 Forum. I thought I once saw a blog where you and Kathie were serving as missionaries. Am I wrong?

Anyway, your comment..."Sometimes it's easy to get into a rut..." is something I thought about last night. (Some people close to me are in a spiritual rut.) What are some practical steps of getting out of a spiritual rut, in your opinion?