Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogs are great for ranting

I love popping up and flaring my nostrils online; no repercussions, I can delete comments, and there's a spell check feature. Quite handy, that.

Basically, I've been toying around with this guy named Randy Ross on here: you can probably find him if you search; I'm not linking to his midden heap. Yes, he has some decent articles about simple things like Santa Claus and the like, but some of his other stuff is total poison. Take his advice about computers, for example. Now, every logical individual knows that a good computer system shouldn't need anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam software on it; it shouldn't have all those security issues in the first place. But he goes off talking about firewalls and virus checkers and internet blockers like he doesn't know the first thing about computers. (Not entirely true; he hacked his MySql database and got my password from a phony userID I had on his site; he subsequently shut down my associated Yahoo e-mail address. Not a total idiot, computer-wise anyhow.)

Actually, humor aside, the real problem with his stuff is the apparent innocence and authenticity of it. Take this, for example:

  1. The Bible is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16-17, 2 Pet 1:21, )
  2. The Bible is without error (Psa 12:6, Psa 19:7-8)
  3. The Bible is complete (Rev 22:18-19, 1 Cor 13:8)
  4. The Bible is preserved (Mat 24:35, Psa 119:89, 1 Pet 1:23, 25)
  5. The Bible is our final authority for faith and practice (2 Tim 3:16-17, Rev 22:18-19)"
Sounds good, does it not? Of course it does, it's completely Biblical. But THAT'S wherein the problem lieth; look at what follows.

6. While the King James translation is not directly inspired (the Apostle Paul, for example, did not speak Victorian era English), the KJV is the faithfully, divinely preserved, text of God's Word for English speaking man."

BLAM! Lookie there. Mr. Ross just bombed big time! Of course, Paul didn't speak English! What kind of an idiot thinks that has to be stated?? The big problem here is that Ross is casting doubt (however slyly) on the SCRIPTURAL definition of inspiration. We'll get into that later, but this is something that I disagree on just about EVERYONE with, even Dr. Ruckman, who Ross, for some reason, believes that I follow. I follow no man but Christ, and Paul, because of his command to do so.

Basically, a God that could inspire men to WRITE His Book, and then NOT inspire those who translated It
is impotent and weak. Interesting "God" you have there, Ross. Why does the modern "IFB" (Independent Fundamental Baptist) mind have so much trouble wrapping itself around that? If He did it once, HE for dang sure can do it again! You limit the Holy One of Israel through your unbelief, ladies.

Ok, I'll shut up for now, but I'll probably be back...I like dropping little comments on him, and since he's a little more accountable now, he shouldn't be refusing them. Of course macho guy has to reply (that rhymes!) to make sure he looks smart and spiritual, so that'll give me something else to rant about.


Jared P. said...

(Not entirely true; he hacked his MySql database and got my password from a phony userID I had on his site; he subsequently shut down my associated Yahoo e-mail address. Not a total idiot, computer-wise anyhow.)

Isn't that illegal?

Vince LaRue said...

Very likely, but for some reason the bum doesn't seem to care about the law until it comes to adults intruding on his private little "teen-only" domicile (sounds like porn, doesn't it?). THEN he demands a legal form with all sorts of information from the parent just to let them on the site with a restricted account!

Oh this is the guy that thinks it's the blessings of God on his "internet ministry" that he lives in a trailer park. He's also hugely fat...kinda' sounds like your run-o-the-mill pervert, no?

Jared P. said...

Yeah actually he attends my church. And while I agree with some things I believe the obnoxious, self-righteous attitude shown through his blog does nothing for Christians and nonbelievers alike. I'm fourteen, and I know enough to know that's not the right way to go about doing things.

Vince LaRue said...

Well this is over a year old, so it's old news; I hardly think of the man now, but I do feel for you having to attend church with him. He hasn't bothered me any lately (thankfully), though I'm sure it would rankle him to know that my wife and I met because of his site: as far as he's concerned, we're "heretics" though he doesn't know enough Bible to teach a 4 year-old Sunday School class.

Thanks for stopping by, Jared; it's nice to "meet" a teen with a head on his shoulders. Stop by sometime perhaps: it's a Bible forum where you can actually discuss things without getting kicked off for disagreeing.