Saturday, January 12, 2008

Return to cyberspace

I guess it's not too bad out here; I used to be a very prolific poster and blogger (not as much the latter as the former) but I got really busy and didn't have as much time or interest in continuing the amount of online interaction. I just got back into it here within the last few days: a few interesting topics on a forum I'm a part of piqued my interest again and I tarted posting more. Then I got the bright idea to start a blog so I could post things I thought important. Of course the "bright" part is my own opinion, and to my knowledge there have been like two people that have viewed it so far. Not that I care of course; I wouldn't mind a little feedback though.

Anyhow, I'm back, temporarily anyhow; with wedding planning and the like I might run out of free time again; otherwise I'll be around, making people mad and stepping on toes like normal.

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