Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Blog for people in the Ministry

I've started a new blog to help people in the ministry understand and get advice on technology. Many pastors and missionaries aren't familiar with the tech field, but would be greatly helped by some of the things that modern technology has to offer. Lord willing, I'm going to cover things from computers, applications and external hardware to mobile phones, GPS devices and PDAs. There are many options to choose from in all of these areas, and I want to help people figure out what's best for them so they don't have to waste precious time doing the legwork.

Please check it out if this sort of thing interests you, and send this link along to anyone you know that might like some help when it comes to technology today. Whether they're a greenhorn or a seasoned pro, we'll have something in our blog for them.

Edit: if you want the link (helpful, perhaps), it's


Mrs W said...

I have the link, but you forgot to add it here for those that might need it. ;-p

Luke said...

I can help you out with handy tech gadgets and apps and things Bro :)