Saturday, August 1, 2009

More on the "theory" of Evolution

While contemplating this "Global Warming" "Climate Change" issue, one has to come to the conclusion that it is unchangeably tied to the farce that is Evolution.

For instance, both nonsensical belief systems require long periods of time with gradual changes. "Climate Change" simply insists that this parasitic creature, homo sapiens, is causing change to occur much faster than normal to the detriment of the rest of the ecological system.

Unfortunately, given the lack of education in the "education system," kids are being plopped out of Public Sewers spouting the party line of Evolution, Climate Change, and Socialist Politics. Isn't it strange that modern education purports to teach individuality and free thinking, yet almost all of its denizens quote the same mantra?

Well, this really isn't very long, as my day was long enough and my mind is rather scattered. Take it easy, and I'll try to update more regularly. Again.


sarah said...

wow. This is the most judgmental article I have ever read on a Christian blog. It also seems that you are more....reacting to as apposed to being well in formed. People who want to flush science down the toilet rather frighten me. I do agree that our public school system is a sham.

It is not my intent to start a heated debate. I won't comment again. I understand if you don't post this....I just had to say it. It is a public blog after all.

sarah said...

The fact that you call the theory of evolution a farce and disregard it so fully almost makes me laugh. I spent 1 full year studying it in depth before I made up my much have you really put into learning, studying, and making up your own mind??? And also.....why does the theory of evolution threaten God in any way???

ps. if you delete these comments I understand. I am just flabbergasted by people sometimes.

Vince LaRue said...

Well, Sarah, I've spent so much time arguing with evolutionists and researching stuff on it that I'd be embarrassed if I even knew exactly how much time I've wasted! You don't have to believe me, but I can say with 100% certainty that evolution is a complete fabrication and lie, and has been, for the past 120 years or more, the undoing of human society and the cause of the moral degradation of our culture.

The only reason I delete comments from my blog is for profane content, so your comments are safe. I detest censoring debate, and while I may refrain from dealing with someone because I think he is a complete fool and I do not wish to waste my time, the only reason anyone would try to shut up the opposition is out of fear. For a good example of this, watch Ben Stein's "Expelled: The Movie," in which he gives many examples of "scientific" groups stifling any opposition to their "theory."

The reason that the Bible and evolution cannot coexist is that the Bible states in a very clear and detailed manner how the world began and how everything around us came to be. For evolution to be true, then the Bible would have to be a lie, and then we could not trust the God that promised to preserve His words perfectly, and then there would be no reason for morality other than one's own personal feelings...then we're back in the jungle fighting each other over the last banana. Our civilization was built by people with a Biblical foundation, not a bunch of monkey-men who have no moral absolutes to speak of.

I hope that answered whatever questions you may have, and I also hope that I did not offend; while I don't mince words in a "politically correct" fashion, I also do not go out of my way to offend people intentionally.

God bless.

sarah said...

I am so relieve you don't think I'm a crazy blogland person! As you certainly will not convince me to change my hard earned beliefs I also realize I won't have the slightest effect on yours. By the way...I do believe in God, I consider myself a devoted Christian, AND I was home schooled! :) Can't judge a book by it's cover.....or blame the public school for indoctrinating everyone who gives credence to the theory of evolution.

I went through Alpha and Omega Academy.

The Grantman said...

The theory of evolution is a theory based upon scientific method. It is not a religion like Christianity based upon a book of lies. Evolutionary theory seeks to explain, Christianity seeks to destroy.

Vince LaRue said...

Grantman, there is nothing at all "scientific" about the evolution "theory." It's the starting point and ending point for its devoted followers, who refuse to accept any evidence that contradicts their little belief. Not even Dawkins has any clue how life began, which is the biggest gaping hole in your stupid little fairy tale, not to mention that you can't explain the complete lack of transitional fossils that stymied even Darwin.

You need to find a real fact book and read up a little before tangling over this, since it's obvious that you're an adherent and yes-man for the evolution pipe dream.

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