Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christians for McCain?

I've often said about this election that we have a choice between a Liberal and a Socialist. It's not good odds, but there's something to be said for taking what you can get. Personally, I'd love to see Chuck Baldwin in the White House; there's just something gratifying about hearing a Presidential candidate say that Abraham Lincoln was one of this nation's worst presidents. However, In our largely Bi-partisan political climate, a vote for Baldwin is nothing less than a vote for Obama.

Sens. McCain and Obama are some of the last people I'd ever pick for my presidents, but that's what we're stuck with unfortunately. Obviously choosing the lesser of two evils still means you wind up with evil, but as Christians we have to live and operate within our system. I don't believe that Christians aren't allowed to be involved in politics or the government; far from it, in fact. If you have a chance to affect the system for good, then go for it! However, some of us are called to something else, and getting involved in politics would be nothing but a distraction from our God-given jobs.

I've seen many people say that they could not vote for McCain in good conscience; my question to those people is how can you vote for anyone else in good consciense, knowing your vote will give the Socialist Obama that much more of an opportunity? Every conservative vote for anyone other than McCain is nothing but a vote for Obama. That's how it's been for years; voting for Ross Perot simply put Bill Clinton in office that much easier. It's not the way the Founders intended, but as Christians we must live with what we have, and therefore the only candidates that we can honestly consider as options are those in the two main parties. Would to God that someone with character and honesty like Chuck Baldwin would be elected, but in our warped, godless society, that's not going to happen.

So no, McCain is not a good choice. He's not even a very well conscienced choice for many. But should a Christian vote for him? Yes, because a vote against him is one more vote for Obama.

Saying that God wouldn't bless voting for McCain is like saying He would have cursed Israel for not choosing Asa because he didn't campaign to remove the high places, and instead winding up with a Reheboam. God isn't going to bless inactivity when you have a chance to make a difference.


Rachel said...

Understanding that my citizenship is in Heaven, that I stand in the fear of God before I make any decision in my life, and that I do answer to Him first and foremost for what I do. Since when do Bible principles NOT apply to every aspect of the Christian's life. Our loyalty God comes before country. McCain still stands for abortion and isn't against gay marriage as long as they have a ceremony (he said it..I can provide the quote). How can I support that? My vote is first of all before God just as everything in my life. I WILL not compromise what I believe just to keep someone out of office...God is greater than American politics. It's my job to follow Him and do what I feel is right and in line with His Book. He can take care of the political mess...it's not up to me to vote for someone I can't fully back just because I'm afraid Obama might get in.

Not being judgemental of anyone who votes for McCain. If you can do it before God and stand knowing you've done what He would have you to do, then do it with all your heart. Just don't discredit my vote because I'm doing the same.

Honestly, if we ever want to see a 3rd party candidate make a change in this country people who are sick of the 2 main parties are going to have to start taking a stand. Maybe if we all did that this nation could change instead of waiting around on someone else to start making the change for us.

My humble 2 cents worth...thanks for providing the opportunity for me to give it.

anime4christ said...

I agree with Rachel, we are the ones perpetuating this broken duopoly by saying that's the only choice. if with each election, the votes for the 3d parties goes up slightly, people will soon start seeing the 3d parties as a viable alternative and vote for them.

But even then, the government knows how to manipulate the election (like for Lincoln, Bush, etc.) so I bet they'll still get what they want (as they will with this election).

Rachel said...

FINALLY...someone who isn't telling me I'm throwing away my vote.

MC1171611 said...

All I can say is that if Obama becomes our president because of the inadvisable actions of people who could have made a difference, I shan't be very pleased.

Rachel said...

Well, God wouldn't be pleased with me for helping put a man in office that doesn't oppose queers and isn't completely against abortion. And well, I fear the Lord more than man.

Just do what you feel the Lord would have you to do...just don't fault others because they can't lay aside what they believe just to keep Obama out of office.

God is bigger than the US Political system. He can take care of all of it...I answer for MY actions, not for the US government.

Mrs W said...

Sorry Vince, we are with Rachel on this one. Our family isn't going to vote for either evil, but make our vote for a Christian man count. It's the only way we'll make a difference in the long run. And by the way, a vote for Chuck Baldwin is a vote for Chuck Baldwin, the guy we want as president...NOT a vote for Obama. There's a big difference between "Baldwin" and "Obama".

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

"I've often said about this election that we have a choice between a Liberal and a Socialist."

This sums up my thoughts pretty well.

Melissa said...


Rachel said...

Oh sorry, homosexuals.

Still an abomination to God no matter what you call their lifestyle.

Vince LaRue said...

I prefer "Sodomites."

To be honest, there's two sides to it; like Sarah's much maligned decision to veto the bill that would have prevented queers from getting benefits, leaders have to juggle decisions between constitutionality (that specific bill would have been struck down by any court) and the will of the people. It's a rough place to be, in the public eye trying to do the will of the people (as is their Constitutional job) and follow their own consciences or the will of God.

Same with abortion: I believe it's completely wrong, but as far as our Constitution goes, that's a decision that should be left up to each individual state.

I'm actually reconsidering voting for McCain. ;)

Rachel said...

And just to clarify the use of the word "queer"...God calls the lifestyle being without natural affection, and leaving the natural use. The word queer means something that's not normal or natural, so it's a perfectly okay word to use, Scripturally.