Friday, January 16, 2009

Evolution "theory"

Of course the Great Barrier Reef is 3 million years old. Well yeah it was an evolutionist that dated it, but that's irrelevant! Science is objective!

Uh huh. Nope. Not in the least. Go date your rocks by fossils and then your fossils by the rocks, buddy...the big boys have some work to do.

I should probably refrain from tangling with evolutionists (the really indoctrinated ones) for the rest of my life; I haven't spent enough time studying their drivel, and it's really a worthless pursuit anyway, so when I engage them in conversation, I get in the flesh and lose my temper.

Evolution is one of the most worthless, lie-riddled belief systems in history, superseded only by the Catholic Whore. From Java Man, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man (!), Neanderthal Man to Australopithecus Afarensis and the rest of that racist Evolutionary garbage, Evolution is one lie on top of another to keep "unlearned" people in the dark so the evolutionist can go on believing that there is no God. Basically, he's going to lie himself right into Hell, because he wants to.

I've dealt with dozens of evolutionists, from the stupid fatheads that don't know anything, to Theistic Evolutionists that believe God used evolution, to professors and people who really believe their nonsense (or seem to) and have an education to make other people think they know what they're talking about. It's just like Lucifer, in his pride, wanting to be like God, to ascend above God, to be LIKE GOD. Wow, God pegged evolutionists in GENESIS 3, and they think the Bible is just a fairy tale or book of myths?? Boy, our Public Sewer system sure is churning out some bright ones these days!

Of course, as "scientists," they feel that they have the intellectual upper hand, when in fact their arguments and "evidence" are so faulty and transparent that it's laughable, other than the fact that they'll go to HELL when it's all said and done. Good ol' Darwin sure pulled a ringer for ya', didn't he, Satan? Be sure to say hi to him next time you see him.

Sorry, this post is all negative; I usually try to bring my negative posts around to a happy ending, but not today. Evolution is the scum of humanity, the cream of the crop of the ignoramuses that flaunt their college degrees, the most vile thing that ever happened to mankind. The world is full of proof that evolution is retarded, but of course the evolutionists will completely ignore that proof and continue to run ahead full blast, straight into Hell.

Sorry guys, until you get rid of your pride, cry out to God and ask Him to save you, you're going straight to Hell.


Vince LaRue said...

I would certainly have left your comment up, as useless as it was, but you had to include (what many of my readers consider to be) profanity, so it had to go. If you choose to post here in the future, feel free; however, if you include any such language, it will be deleted just as quickly as this one was.

Ed said...

I understand that it must be troubling to contemplate the notion that humanity has existed for so many millennia, all the while being woefully ignorant about such a fundamental question as "where do we come from?".

But your reaction to it is, I'm afraid, one that will lead you to being constantly frustrated by the outside world until your dying day.

Evolution is accepted as the best explanation for the diversity of life on earth by almost everyone who works in the relevant fields, and is the underlying principle behind all biology. The reason for this is not because of some ulterior motive on the part of scientists - their motive is simply to discover what is true about the natural world.

Science cannot tolerate fraud, deception or inaccurate theories, because any technologies that we try to produce based on such ideas will fail... every time. You may have noticed that technology is advancing at a vertiginous rate - the scientists must be doing something right.

Science only works if it is based on absolute, brutal honesty - the kind of honesty which allows someone to discard their life's work in favour of a better theory, the kind of honesty which does not allow anyone to become enamoured of their own ideas.

In this sense, science is a tricky proposition for human beings - we have a tendency to be enormously self-centred, arrogantly certain that our beliefs are correct and unflinching in the face of evidence that contradicts our beliefs.

On this occasion, it is you who are demonstrating these negative psychological traits. Your conviction that evolution is believed on purpose by people who want to sin is the most unutterable lunacy imaginable. How bad does one's understanding human psychology have to be to claim that anyone would do such a thing? It is just beyond me!

If you can formulate a model that encompasses all the facts of biology, and explains them better than evolution does, but which points towards your beliefs, then present that theory to the scientific community and, if your theory is correct, it will be accepted almost immediately. As I said, scientists cannot allow themselves to become enamoured of their theories and have to change them when better theories are formulated.

If you don't do this, then you are going to be stuck tying yourself up in emotional knots, wishing that the life sciences will simply go away, when they will not. You will be tilting at windmills, gradually yet inexorably becoming more distant from the real world and the people who live in it.

I recommend you spend some time learning why scientists consider evolution to the best explanation for the diversity of life on this planet - you will see, although you may erect a mental block against it, that their reasoning is sound and logical and the results of the theory extremely important to developing modern medicines that save countless lives every year.

Good luck, my friend!